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The Rome Rose Garden

The Rome Rose Garden

The Rome Rose Garden is located nearby the area of the Circus Maximus, on the Aventine Hill. This public park was created in 1950 on an area previously meant as an Hebrew cemetery, but later left abandoned after the cemetery had been moved. The city administration decided then to recreate here a rose garden, like the one that had existed in Rome since the 30s, but had gone destroyed during WWII. Anyway the new garden did not forget the Jewish roots of the site, still visible both in the map of the garden, with its paths that form a menorah shape, and in the steles with the Ten Commandments that can be found at both the garden entrances.

In the area of the park there are about 1,100 rose varieties, which, at springtime, blossom magnificently, filling the garden with bright colours and exquisite scents. The garden is only open to the public during the time of the florescence, from the beginning of May to the end of June, when it also takes place an international gardening contest, the Premio Roma, dedicated to the most beautifil rose varieties and internationally known as International Trials for New Varieties.

The garden is cut in two by the street Via di Valle Murcia, and in the bigger of the two areas it is possible to find a number of rose varieties - divided among botanical roses, ancient roses and modern roses - that consents to trace the evolution of the rose from the ancient times to this very day.

You can easily reach the garden by subway, getting off at the Circo Massimo stop, on the B line. During the two months of florescence the garden is open every day from 8am to 7:30pm and the entry is free.